Friday, July 22, 2011

The Origins of Smunch

     Thanks for joining me, everyone!  I have to admit, I feel a bit naked.  And I'm not really sure why I am compelled to do something that is a little bit frightening at the same time.  What's up with that??

     Thanks for all the kind feedback about the concept of smunchiness!  I must clarify...I did not come up with that word on my own.  I'm not sure who did, but I remember coming across it in a forum of other moms who were trying to become crunchier, but not feeling they had quite achieved the status of Crunchy.  I immediately identified with the whole smunchdome and it stuck with me.

     Which reminds me, someone had commented saying something about learning from me.  My hope for this blog is that we can all learn from each other!  I'm still pretty green at being green, lol.  I'm sure many of you have some wonderful green ways and habits that I haven't even heard of, so as the opportunity arises, please share what you do and the little things that work for you and your lifestyle.  I think that's a big part of any change, the ease of transition and maintenance of the change.  If it's too much of a hassle, it's not going to stick.

     That's all for today.  I've got to get the van packed up with my items that are up for sale at the farmers market tomorrow and hit the hay early.  Some time I'll work on getting some photos up or something to liven up my page.  I'm still brand new to this site, so bear with me as I get to know this place. :-)

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  1. This is so cool, Kay! Looking forward to following your blog. :)