Monday, August 1, 2011

Forever Smunchy (in the body hair management department)

     On the granola path, I've tried my best to ditch many disposable, throw away items.  We cloth diaper, use more cloth towels and napkins than paper towels and napkins, and I'm even using mama cloth now.  After the initial research and transition phases, it's actually, really nice, and I feel great about not throwing away so much stuff. 

     However, I'm really finding myself stuck when it comes to shaving.  Every time I used one of those pretty, pink razors for the last time, (btw, I use them until they are absolutely begging to be released from their tour of duty), and it's time to throw it away, I cringe.  There goes one more item to spend it's tiny plastic after life forever in the land fill.  And for what?  My vanity and comfort.  (Picture me hanging my head in shame now.)

     I've thought about and researched options.  Seems like it's either this:

Eep!  I can't picture myself taking this beast to my legs or under my arms.

Or this: Uhh nevermind.  You do not want to go looking for images of women with hairy legs, either real or cartoon.  :shudder:   (Or maybe you do.  Just don't come back and post about it here, please.)

      I do realize that just letting it all grow wild and free is probably the most natural of options, but thanks.  Not for me.  Now, if you don't shave and are happy that way, more power to ya, but I just can't go there.  The smooth side definitely beats the crunchy one in this case.

     So what other options are there?  Nair?  No thanks.  I haven't researched it, but something seems inherently wrong about applying something to your skin that will dissolve away the hair.  Razors made from recycled plastic?  It's a start, but they still end up being tossed and in the land fill. Waxing?  There's a thought. Do any of you wax?  How do you like it? 

     Anyone else have any other more natural alternatives?   I'm all ears.  And  so thankful they are naturally not hairy.