Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here We Go....

     I'm delving into the waters of blogville.  Why you ask?  Well, all these thoughts tend to keep me up at night.  (Note the time of the blog entry.) Plus, organizing my thoughts enough to make even a semi-coherent paragraph or two about them helps manage them and keep them some what organized.  This whole blogging this is brand new to me.  I sort of follow a few blogs, and don't know a thing about managing mine, but hey, you have to start some where, right?

     So what are all these thoughts about?  My life and priorities, and trying to raise my children in the best way I know how.  A big part of that right now is by trying to simplify and live more naturally, which to me, means having less STUFF.  Man, that stuff can sure distract you from the real things in life.  And living naturally to me means using as many natural materials as possible and less synthetically made items.  Less medicines and more herbs.  Less man made, more God made. 

     Some may call me a trend jumper.  And that's fine, but it's actually been in my life and on my mind for a long, long time, but trying to implement it and learn, when so many wasteful and non natural ways have been a part of me as well has been challenging. 

     So there you have the whole "smunchy" thing.  I'm aiming to be a more crunchy, granola type, because it just feels right for me and as something important to pass on to my children.  But there's still a whole lotta smooth left, some I'm completely willing to give up, some...well, some I'm not sure I really want to.  Mix a little smooth in with some crunchy and you have...smunchy.  Any other smunchers out there?


  1. Yay for you for diving into blogging! It's scary at first, I know. I love the concept of "smunchy"! Can't wait to read all about it!

  2. i'm for sure a "smunchy". love the term!!! welcome to the wondeful world of blogging. i love it myself, and am kept up some nights with posts running through my head! lol.

  3. So smunchy (LOVE smunchy, btw). Also trying to figure out the blogging world, but haven't decided on a name, so haven't started.

    Yup, I've found myself unintentionally smunchy. Definitely more crunchy than I used to be, but unwilling to give up many of my 'smooth' tendencies. Like Starbucks. So not a crunchy place or drink, but this latte drinker uses cloth (almost) any way she can!